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  • Driving from the San Francisco Bay area the distance is 225 to 290 miles, depending on route EACH direction so figure 6 hours each way at a minimum,  with stops it took us 12 hours as a workshop.  If you drive in from Reno it would be less, from LA possibly more.
  • Over the course of a workshop, figure that we will drive another 500 miles between locations in addition to the to and from.
  • Nearly all of the locations are above 8 000 feet and on dirt roads.  These two together tend to make folks tired. (bring a pillow in the car)




Below are the authors who contribute to this site.  Please contact us if you with to contribute. PATRICK [latestbyauthor author=”Patrick Lynch” show=”10″] [latestbyauthor author=”” show=”10″] [latestbyauthor author=”PJTraveler” show=”10″]   NEIL [latestbyauthor author=”Neil” show=”10″]   ROGAN [latestbyauthor author=”Rogan” show=”10″]   TIM [latestbyauthor author=”Tim” show=”10″]   MARY [latestbyauthor author=”Mary” show=”10″]


This section contains links to other photographic sites and a brief description of them.

  1. Luminous Landscape has columns, essays, and techniques and is one of the more popular blog sites.
  2. Beautiful Landscape Alain Briot writes very good essays and blogs
  3. STROBIST This is the place to start learn and practice flash photography.  David Hobby is a funny writer and oodles of material.
  4. Ugly Hedgehog This is a general forum
  5. Fred Miranda is one of the older photo sites around.  Usually pretty good stuff.
  6. Alan Ross Photography
  7. Crafting Photographs
  8. G Dan Mitchel Photography
  9. Gary Hart Photography
  10. John Sexton Photographer
  11. Michael Frye’s Landscape Photography Blog
  12. Scenic Light Photography Blog – Bob Evans
  13. Sharon Tenenbaum


This section will take some time as my bookcase is rather full.


  1. PhotoSig This is a great place to learn and develop the photographer’s eye through writing critiques of photos.  Strongly recommend that anyone starting out signup (it can be free) and practice writing critiques.
  2. DPREVIEW is one of the better places to find out about current technology like camera and lens.
  3. Charles Cramer studied under Ansel Adams, and he creates beautiful work.
  4. Keeble & Shuchat If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area this is the best camera store I have found.  The difference is the people there, particularly in the pro shop.  Also, my mom use to baby sit for the current owner, and I get a chuckle out of that.
  5. What the Duck is a very funny cartoon strip related to photographers.  It pokes fun at a number of different aspects of photography.  If you would like a laugh;  visit.

◾Alan Ross Photography ◾Crafting Photographs – Rich Seiling ◾G Dan Mitchell Photography ◾Huntington Witherill – Photographer ◾John Sexton Photographer ◾Luminous Landscape ◾Michael Frye’s Landscape Photography Blog ◾Phillip Colla – Natural History Photography ◾Rock Slide Photography – Joe Decker ◾Scenic Light Photography Blog – Bob Evans ◾Tom Mallonee Photographs

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