nora Pass at Sunset

Sonora Pass at Sunset. with filters, on a tripod w/ cable release

The table below is one persons take on what is needed.  Each person will find what works for them, and what doesn’t.  The list below is designed to stimulate thinking rather than being the end all list.


(1= High)


All lens1If you don't have it with you, you will kick yourself when you need it.
Tripod1You can't take low light (sunrise, sunset pics without one
Neutral Density Grad filters2Sunrise & sunset the sky is too bright, too much contrast without them.
Camera Cleaning materials
2It will be dusty
Spare Battery(s)2In the cold mornings, you may need that spare battery
Spare CF or storage2If you are going to make the effort, there is nothing worse than running out of 'film'
Polarizing Filter(s) for lens.2Helps for bright colors
Cable release2Needed for low light exposures
Camera bag3It is easier than a duffle or a box. I use a backpack
Flash & spare batteries3There are some places where you need fill light to decrease the contrast
Reflectors3There are some places where you need fill light to decrease the contrast
Head lamp or Flashlight2It is hard to adjust the camera if you can't see it in the dark.
Rain cover for camera & lens, or kitchen trash bags2Usually you don't need it, but when you do, you do.
Rain gear for the photographer or large trash bags, including a rain hat.3You can get wet and cold, it just isn't nice
Compact Flash or SD card backup device (e.g. Hyperscan)4Not required, but it adds an extra margin of safety, and frees up storage
Computer to leave in room w/ USB or other connectivity to camera and backup storage4Not required, but it is useful for noticing dirt and other thing in the pics.
Battery charger4Needed unless only a single day shoot
GPS Logger to track where you have been5This is fun, to geo tag photos with the location that they were taken.
Allen wrench(es)4used to tighten tripod, camera plates
Sensor cleaning materials4Some cameras are magnets for dust, others not, but if you have a magnet, you will need to clean
Level for the camera if not built into tripod3It is annoying to have to straighten photos in LR and loose significant parts of the frame
Notebook4small notebook for making notes to yourself
Thin gloves3In the morning, with a breeze it can be very difficult to do anything.

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