Below is my list of things that I typically bring for the car




First Aid kit (and know how to use it)1You hope that you never actually have to use it.
Munchies1Often so busy with photography that the only time to eat is while driving
Sunscreen1You will get sunburnt
Maps (AAA or other)1It is nicer to not get lost
Dark Glasses1Save your eyes
Paper Towels1Nice for cleaning up dirt or food from fingers
Toilet paper1For when you are away too long
Water1Usually a case, it does wonders for keeping the energy level up
Pillow so Passenger can sleep2It is very nice to take a nap while someone else drives
Flares2For when things go really wrong
Duck Tape2Great to fix things
Jumper Cables2You won't need them, but someone else will 🙂
Towel2Nice to dry off when it is wet, and it doubles as an extra blanket
Blanket2It is very nice to sleep while someone else drives
GPS3Usually interesting, sometimes helpful
Inverter3Useful for charging batteries while driving and running laptops

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