It is with some hesitation that I write this page. There are few hard and fast things about clothing. Some things work better than others for most people, but not all.

When all is said and done, there are several goals to keep in mind

  • Keep you comfortably warm but not hot, and not cold
  • Keep you dry (if you are wet, you usually get cold too)
  • Keep you safe; no sunburn, no twisted ankles, no stubbed toes, no ache muscles from the shoes or clothes
  • It should help with the photography if possible

Keeping these goals in mind, consider the environment you will be in

  • It will be dark out before sunrise and after sunset; how about a head lamp?
  • The temperature often swings from below freezing to the mid 80s in a day.  You will need a lot of different layers, and may even need to change.  Warm hat is often useful in these conditions.
  • If it is hot out, and you have short sleeves or short pants – beware of sunburn, also a sun hat really helps, and it may also do double duty when you use it to shade the camera lens.
  • It may rain or snow.  You need rain gear for you and the camera.  Trash bags work in a pinch for you and the camera.
  • Often when it is cold out the wind blows, and it gets COLD.  Wind clothes help, gloves help (but heavy gloves make it hard to use the camera)
  • And for some, it is also about being seen, or being a presence
  • Then there is the foot covering you will be walking on uneven (rocky) surfaces.  Sandals are probably not what you want, and your feet can get both cold and sunburnt.
  • Then for me, I like bandanas; they allow me wipe sweat, keep my neck warm, be a wash cloth, or a towel.

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