05. August 2016 · Comments Off on Happy Hour + Intro to Candid Street Portraits

In this meetup, we’ll first sit down as a group and talk about candid street portraiture. This isn’t street photography. It’s how you interact with strangers on the street and get to the point where you feel comfortable taking a photo. It’s similar to the approach you would take as a travel photographer.

If you’re nervous or shy around strangers, that’s ok. It’s normal. But join us and expect to push your boundaries a bit and learn new things.

Event format: Meet at The Fountainhead at 6:30 sharp, and we’ll grab drinks and talk. We’ll spend about an hour going through the thought process and some of the technical process of shooting. Then we’ll break up and work on an exercise at the South First Friday artwalk. 

Please keep in mind that there will be traffic and parking challenges getting to downtown, especially if you are planning to take 101. Public transportation / Light Rail are recommended.

Gearwise, I don’t recommend bringing anything more than a camera and one lens (preferably a fast prime), and possibly a flash. The more gear your bring, the less you’ll shoot. Don’t leave backpacks or gear in your car. 

Please note that if you no-show, it will impact your ability to reserve slots at future events.

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