05. March 2017 · Comments Off on Learn to Light – Flash Skills Meetup

Note: Updated star t location, meet in front of Pinkberry Santana Row.  The original location is too heavily congested now, so this should be a lot better.

Hi Folks, let’s kick things off this year with a flash skills meetup. In this session, we’ll start with on-camera flash skills to work through the basics of balancing ambient with flash. Next, we’ll shift to moving speedlights off camera to start working on how to position the light to get the results you want. We’re going to focus on one-flash setups, so let’s keep things simple.

Don’t bring a ton of gear. Just one camera, one speedlight, and your off-camera flash triggers (if you have one). It’s ok to join if you don’t have a flash trigger. We’re primarily working on flash settings, not modifiers. Please don’t leave any gear in the car, as Santana Row is notorious for car break-ins.

We’ll be using each other as models in this meetup.

We’ll shoot for 2 hours in various setups, then get together for drinks to review the materials.

Note: In order to be fair to everyone who wants to participate, I will take roll at the beginning of the meetup and mark no-shows. In the future, the members with no-shows will need to pay fees to attend future events.

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