24. May 2016 · Comments Off on Practice Natural Light Portraits (REPEAT)

By popular request, let’s try a repeat of the same content from our June 2 meetup.  If you already plan to attend the June 2 meetup, you’re still welcome to attend, but keep in mind that this is a REPEAT for people who can’t make the  location/time of the first event.


Have you ever wondered “What’s the difference between a portrait and taking a snapshot”?    ght or planning. Capturing a portrait requires intent to previsualize what you want to shoot, and then making decisions to get the results that you want. It also requires practice.

In this meetup, we’ll spend time together working on decision making in natural light, and practicing those skills.

We’ll spend approximately 30 minutes to talk about basic portrait skills. This will include basic principles of natural light and posing.

Next, we’ll break up into shooting teams, and practice the process of directing a shoot and rotating jobs. Everyone will take turns being the shooter, the assistant, and the subject.

You should already have a basic understanding of exposure and your camera controls. 

• Bring your camera

• Bring only one lens (it’s a great opportunity to bring a prime if you have one, but a zoom is fine)

• Bring a 5 in 1 reflector. These usually have a silver side, a gold side, a black side, and a translucent white side. Any size and any brand will do. A small 32″ one should cost no more than $10-$20 on eBay or Amazon. I personally use a 43″ one. If you don’t have one, you can bring a silver car sunshade, a piece of white cardboard, or even a piece of cardboard covered in foil. Please make sure that you can identify your own gear as well, so it doesn’t get mixed up.

Please do not bring a lot of equipment, and try to avoid storing gear in your car due to the risk of break-ins. 

NOTE: I will take roll at START TIME and mark no-shows. Anyone who no-shows or cancels with less than a day notice will be marked as a no-show. We’ve been having a problem with no-shows who fill up the RSVPs, which end up taking up a slot away from other people who want to come.

We’ll have some door prizes available at the end of the event.

Look forward to seeing you!

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