02. January 2018 · Comments Off on Practicing Portraits in Low Light

• What we’ll do
As photographers, we depend on light, but what do we do when the quality of light isn’t very good? In this session, we’ll be working on shooting portraits using the light that we have available. First we’ll work on making decisions using available light in dark conditions. Next, we will practice using other sources of light. Bring a small flashlight if you have one. Finally, we’ll walk through some of the basics on using flash with manual controls to balance ambient and flash exposure.

We will be using each other as models, so please don’t be shy. Everyone will get to practice and learn.

We will shoot for approximately one hour.

This meetup is for all skill levels. Beginners please join us and let’s learn together.

• What to bring
For equipment, bring your camera, one lens (a prime with fast aperture is a good choice), and a speedlight if you have one. You may also want to bring your instruction manual too so that you can review how to use second curtain sync and manual flash exposure. Don’t bring too much equipment, it’s better to travel light and get lots of practice instead. Don’t bring a tripod either, we’ll be moving and shooting.

• Important to know
Please don’t leave any camera equipment in your car, Santana Row is notorious for car theft.

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