We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving, and we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.- Louisa May Alcott


Seeing is not always believing.- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Below are either prose or links to workshop participant’s experiences.



2013 Workshop

As I embraced the vastness of the eastern Sierra I found myself finding a special peace coming from the mountains. At 11,000 foot elevation; those same mountains stood solid and quiet only leaving me with the feeling of how small people are in circle of life. I was in awe of the painted canvas of the beautiful fall colors all around me; and with all its beauty my senses were heighten to new levels and almost overloaded.  Yet, I found myself looking for the smallest of things. My brain will always remember the fall colors that my eyes recorded like a 16mm movie playing in my head. To sure not to miss anything I turned to macro photography and started off exploring.

To my sadness where beavers once lived I found where people had cut down the trees and in the living trees there were carved dates, names and initials into 50+ year old trees; which over time will shorten the tree’s life. Why do some people feel that they have that right; I will not ever understand that. On a lighter note, I did find some treasures that my group never saw. A baseball, a snake skin and even the remains of outhouse with only the toilet seat with the best view of the Sierra you could dream of!

The moral of my story is to stop and look and enjoy at things that are right beside you. Be sure to get the great murals, but take that extra moment to explore and capture your all of your surroundings.

Mary M. 2013 Workshop


Looking Back .. from not too far

Flipping the calendar pages back, I see that it has been three weeks since our trip to the Eastern Sierras. The vivid images in my mind’s eye have faded, dulled by the bustle of everyday living. I know that every place that we stopped to take pictures has dramatically changed. What is left are the pictures that I took.

You could argue that google images “Sierra Fall Colors” is just as good as being there.. or at least as good as my taking pictures. SFC (23 of 41)Nope. These images pulled off of my camera, are a part of my adventure.

We could not have gotten better weather. Nor could we have had better traveling companions. And the learning continues as I continue to put into practice, those things that I observed, was taught, and stumbled upon.

There are somethings that I’ve had lots of practice at, and things that I’ve never experienced before. Being both experienced and novice at the same time can often times cause problems or frustrations. I felt neither as I was able to go as far as I could in all my strivings. I credit the instructors’ abilities and willingness to guide.

I’ve written a bit more extensively about what I experienced, so here would like to just say what a wonderous thing a Workshop can be ..

Neil Toda, 2013 Workshop

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